Pet Dental Health

February is Pet Dental Health Month! Dental hygiene is an important part…

The Zelda Fund

Zelda was a one-in-a-million dog who provided unconditional love. She was there for the owners, Mike and Geri when they opened this hospital in 2019, constantly inspiring them and was adored by all the staff members. In honor of her, we created a fund to help pet owners when they need it most with support from the pet-caring community.

Chanel’s Story – Cats Really Do Have 9 Lives 

Chanel has since then been living a long healthy and is now 15 years old. This summer, I took her in for her yearly checkup and the vet noticed a lump on her leg.

Mali Walks Away in Full Remission

Big celebrations at EVS – Mali is our first chemo graduate! Mali…

Echo’s Story

Echo stayed in our hospital for a few days recently and she wanted to share her story. Echo’s mom, Jessica, adopted her from an aunt in Nevada who had rescued her from a shelter. Echo had clearly been abused and cowered each time she heard a noise.

In Memory of Avett

“Avett was born on January 25th, 2013. By the end of March, he was in our loving arms. I’ll never forget the first night we had him how curious he was watching me deep clean the kennel we had bought for him. He was by far the most curious animal.”

Luna Survives a Mountain Lion Attack

On the night of March 24th, 2021, Caitlin & Larry heard their dog Luna barking outside. This did not sound like Luna’s normal warning bark, so Larry ran out to see what was happening. He turned to see Luna bravely chasing a mountain lion around their chicken coop!


Amber is a retired service dog that worked with Jack from 2nd grade through his junior year. She retired and handed Jack off to Teriyaki, so they could bond during Jack’s senior year.


We got a visit this weekend from our January Patient of the Month, Leo and his owner, Ashley!!


It was such a treat to have Brady in our hospital.