Luna Survives a Mountain Lion Attack

On the night of March 24th, 2021, Caitlin & Larry heard their dog Luna barking outside. This did not sound like Luna’s normal warning bark, so Larry ran out to see what was happening. He turned to see Luna bravely chasing a mountain lion around their chicken coop!

Suddenly, the mountain lion turned around and took hold of Luna’s neck. It had her in its mouth and started to run away and Larry knew what he had to do.

“I didn’t think twice and ran down the mountain to get to her as fast as I could. I was shirtless, wearing crocs, and fell several times down the snowy mountainside. When I got to her, Luna was unconscious and the mountain lion had her by the back of her head. I hit the mountain lion with anything that I could get my hands on. The mountain lion finally let Luna go and Luna was able to run away. I kept hitting the lion until it retreated down the hill. This allowed me enough time to get away myself. Luna ran back into the house and was bleeding from her neck and chest.” -Larry

They called us and immediately started to drive to Lakewood, so we could save Luna. When she arrived, she was covered in blood and in rough shape, not to mention, a little traumatized and in shock. She was such an amazing patient and let us nurse her back to health within a day. Multiple drains and many sutures were put in by our emergency vets to help Luna. Her injuries from the mountain lion actually missed many important organs and veins!

“Luna stayed at Evolution for 24 hours. According to the vet, Luna is lucky to be alive and all of her puncture wounds missed vital organs. The puncture wounds were around her jugular but missed puncturing it. Luna is our tough sweetheart and we are so thankful that she is alive! Thank you to everyone at Evolution! We are so incredibly grateful for your hard work, dedication, and loving nature. She would not be alive today without you!” -Larry

We are so fortunate to have such amazing clients like Caitlin & Larry, thank you for sharing Luna’s story. Luna recently came in for her recheck and she is recovering wonderfully!