Chanel’s Story – Cats Really Do Have 9 Lives 

Chanel’s Story – Written by Her Mom

Chanel came to me when I was younger and really had the urge to mother but I couldn’t have children.  I was a nanny and she was found outside as kittens by the neighbors, her and her brother Louis. 


They came into my life at just the right time, Chanel wasn’t a nice kitty.  She was actually rather mean and didn’t like to be touched.  When she was about 2 years old she was an indoor and outdoor kitty and she went missing for a week, returning home from a traumatizing event that left her with a paralyzed front leg and a broken jaw. 


She was rushed into surgery for her jaw and then took months with a glued shut jaw and a feeding tube and a dangling paralyzed leg, they didn’t amputate it right away in hopes she would get it back and to not put her through too much surgical trauma at once. 


So her and I got close during her months of recovery because I had to feed her through her feeding tube often.  She often just looked miserable around the house but we got through it. 


Next was her amputation surgery after she was healed from her jaw surgery and she was a champ with the amputation surgery.  She didn’t miss the leg one bit. 


This trauma changed her life and she became the sweetest cat and really in love with me.  It was like she was really grateful to have me take care of her.  She is a sweet kitty with a love for snuggles and a loud purr box. 


She has since then been living a long healthy and is now 15 years old.  This summer, I took her in for her yearly checkup and the vet noticed a lump on her leg.  


The biopsy came back and was possibly Sarcoma and within two weeks, the tumor grew rapidly.  I spend a week getting consultations from an Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, and a Surgeon to see what was her best options. 


The options were limited considering the normal course of treatment would be amputation but since she already had a leg missing that would mean she would end up with two legs.  No one I talked to had seen a cat with two legs and all the doctors were very nervous for that decision. So, we talked about mass removal and chemotherapy but that didn’t seem like a good option considering how much she would have to go through 21 days chemotherapy with daily Anastasia. 


I left on a Friday feeling overwhelmed, I read all possible literature and got the best recommendations from the consultations and now it felt like it was up to me to make this decision for her. 


I called my friend who is deeply connected to animals, and I asked her what would she do and she said have you asked her? She said this is her body, let her decide what to do.  So, she prompted me to communicate with Chanel in a way I never really considered.  I’d been talking to her but I never listened to her. So, I asked her as I drove home her in the crate in the passenger seat — I put my hand on the crate and said “Chanel honey what should we do?”  She said after a minute of silence “let it be” it was obvious it was her speaking to me.  And letting me know for now just drive the car and let it be. I said ok and felt a sense of relief and drive home as present as possible just feeling her energy. 


I had the weekend off work, and we spent the whole weekend cuddling and just being together. As we laid there and I kept asking her with my words and telepathically what does she want to do.  I let her know that I will support whatever she wants to do but I am not going to decide for her.  


I asked her if it was time for us to let go of each-other in this world of form and she said no.  


I asked her what she wants and she said all I need is love.  So I said ok we can just live on each-other all weekend and at that point her an I were both ok with just loving each-other till the tumor go so big and we would say goodbye. It was a sweet precious intimate time we shared that weekend. She also told me she wants more catnaps with me which I though was so sweet. 


Other than her cancer she was a healthy happy kitty. 


On Monday morning her tumor had ruptured and it was just so big and I knew she needed to go into surgery Tuesday if possible. 


So, Monday night I lay with her before bed and I told her that she is going into surgery in the morning and we need to have a plan of what to do heading into surgery. I laid there crying with her on my chest, then I proceeded to tell her, the best chance at having more time cat napping would be to amputate her leg. I asked her if she will be ok if we take her leg off?  She answered by standing up on my chest and started balancing with her two good legs and toe tapping the bad leg as to show me it was ok to take her leg off.  I could feel her weight balanced on the good legs and I knew in that moment what she was telling me. 


It felt so clear and I was at peace — prepared to go into surgery the next day with a clear plan. 


Tuesday morning I dropped her off and really just felt at peace with the next step, like she said we will get through this. She had a successful surgery and was in recovery for a few hours and then got up and went to litter box with her two legs.  


I called to check on her later that night and Cassie told me the news that she was already up and walking within hours from surgery.  Instantly I was crying such deep joy and relief, there was a chance she wouldn’t walk again yet in my heart I knew she would. When I went to pick her up the next day and she jumped on the chair. It was amazing to see her so confident and balancing with only two legs so soon after the amputation.


And now we are home, it’s been a month from surgery and is doing so well and is back right here normal life. She amazes me and what an opportunity to truly connect with my daughter beyond the words of human language.  This whole experience really showed me that there is a field of energy here that defies all communications structure and that is how we communicate with our beloved animals. 


Chanel continues to inspire me every day with her courage and strength!