The Zelda Fund

Zelda was a one-in-a-million dog who provided unconditional love. She was there for the owners, Mike and Geri when they opened this hospital in 2019, constantly inspiring them and was adored by all the staff members. In honor of her, we created a fund to help pet owners when they need it most with support from the pet-caring community.

We know that emergencies can be expensive, and you want to do everything possible for your fur babies. We also know that emergencies/accidents never come at the “best” time and sometimes you just need something to help financially. And so, we created the Zelda Fund. This fund will be available to anyone at our hospital who needs some financial assistance when all other options are exhausted. 

When you contribute to the Zelda Fund, you are helping a fellow pet owner and, possibly, making the biggest difference in the world to them. If you would like to donate to this fund to help the local pet community, click on the button below!

Note, that while the Zelda Fund is not currently a non-profit, we are working hard to make it one! If you or your business are interested in being a Founding Funder and have any questions, please email

Zelda - 2014 - 2023