Echo’s Story

Echo stayed in our hospital for a few days recently and she wanted to share her story. Echo’s mom, Jessica, adopted her from an aunt in Nevada who had rescued her from a shelter. Echo had clearly been abused and cowered each time she heard a noise. For the first two years of her life, she was silent. Jessica did not hear her make a single noise. Nowadays, Echo barks all the time and has found her voice as well as her confidence traveling around with Jessica. Echo grew up with her cat sibling, who was very old. Even though he was not very nice to her, Echo protected him and snuggled with him in his last days.

Jessica travels on the road for work quite often and Echo gets to come each time! She loves to spend quality time with her mom because she still struggles with separation anxiety. When she isn’t attached to Jessica’s side, she is having an amazing time playing with her friends at dog daycare or being walked by her dog walker. Echo is nothing short of spoiled, as she should be because she gives love to everyone, including our team!

When Echo was showing clinical signs, Jessica was referred to us for her anemia. After she was diagnosed with IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), Echo had to be hospitalized with us for many days. Jessica missed her so much and her love for Echo was extraordinary. She even made sure our team had pizza on a busy night. With many blood donations from our blood donors and constant supportive care, Echo started to feel better and regain her strength. We were so excited to see Echo go home with Jessica and enjoy being a happy dog again.

 If you are interested in helping pets like Echo, please contact us and ask about our blood bank.