Echo’s Story

Echo stayed in our hospital for a few days recently and she wanted to share her story. Echo’s mom, Jessica, adopted her from an aunt in Nevada who had rescued her from a shelter. Echo had clearly been abused and cowered each time she heard a noise.


We got a visit this weekend from our January Patient of the Month, Leo and his owner, Ashley!!


Dr. Lake-Bakaar feeding Mickey who was hospitalized for pancreatitis.


Little Maxwell was getting tired more quickly than his siblings and was found to have a loud heart murmur during his 3-week checkup, so he came into our cardiologist to see if his heart was functioning properly.


Frank was such a sweetie and gave snuggles to the entire team!!


Moshi’s parents were worried about her because she had been having soft stool for the past week and just developed bloody diarrhea, so they brought her into our ER. We took a parvo test right away to make sure she didn’t have a serious virus, which was luckily negative.


We’re already missing our snuggles with this little fluff that went home yesterday!