Echo’s Story

Echo stayed in our hospital for a few days recently and she wanted to share her story. Echo’s mom, Jessica, adopted her from an aunt in Nevada who had rescued her from a shelter. Echo had clearly been abused and cowered each time she heard a noise.

Why is Vet Care So Expensive?

“You value profits over my pet’s life.” “You don’t care if my pet lives or dies, you just want the money.” “Your prices are absurd; your prices are too high; who can afford treatment like this?” We have heard it all and have only been open for 1.5 years in the Denver Metro Area. People are ruthless. No matter how much emotion or empathy you show as a veterinary professional, it is never good enough. It’s no wonder vets have an extremely high suicide rate.

Protecting Your Veterinary Staff During a Pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, veterinary hospitals have remained designated essential businesses, as we provide essential preventative and medical care to household pets ranging from vaccines to prevent disease outbreaks to emergency surgeries such as foreign body removals. While we have the fortune to remain employed and operational during these difficult times, remaining open during a pandemic also means that we must take necessary precautions to protect our staff, and by extension our clients, from the virus.

Communicating with Pet Owners During a Pandemic

Let’s be honest—the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on all of us. From craving human contact to heightened emotional interactions, the pandemic has brought out the best and worst in many of us. When dealing with pets in distress and the owners who love them, emotional interactions become even more frequent. During this time of stress, isolation, and fear, clear and compassionate communication with pet owners is a must, particularly at an emergency vet clinic.


Dr. Lake-Bakaar feeding Mickey who was hospitalized for pancreatitis.


Frank was such a sweetie and gave snuggles to the entire team!!


Moshi’s parents were worried about her because she had been having soft stool for the past week and just developed bloody diarrhea, so they brought her into our ER. We took a parvo test right away to make sure she didn’t have a serious virus, which was luckily negative.


We’re already missing our snuggles with this little fluff that went home yesterday!

Leila & Pack

Leila came in for her recheck exam following recent hospitalization for heart failure likely caused by grain free diet (Earthborn) and brought the pack (Bentley and TeAti) to get a listen to their hearts!


Anja came into our cardiologist to evaluate a heart murmur. An echocardiogram revealed that she has mild heart disease and progression to severe disease is unlikely.