We got a visit this weekend from our January Patient of the Month, Leo and his owner, Ashley!!


We first saw Haus at the beginning of December due to episodes of collapsing, heavy breathing, coughing, and lethargy. Our cardiologist found that he had Dilated Cardiomyopathy, likely from a grain-free diet. After proper treatment and medication, he is feeling like himself again and gaining some weight back (partially due to all the treats he receives during checkups).


We first saw Flanders at the beginning of October when he came into our emergency hospital because he wasn’t walking on his right back leg. After an examination from our Emergency Doctor, she found that he needed a TPLO, which would be his second TPLO in two years. He had his surgery here a few weeks ago and just started rehab here this week. Both Flanders and his owners, Michael and Abbey, have been friendly faces we love to see every time they’re here. Since Flanders has had many visits over the past two months and is wonderful to see every time, we have named him the patient of the month!