We first saw Haus at the beginning of December due to episodes of collapsing, heavy breathing, coughing, and lethargy. Our cardiologist found that he had Dilated Cardiomyopathy, likely from a grain-free diet. After proper treatment and medication, he is feeling like himself again and gaining some weight back (partially due to all the treats he receives during checkups).

Haus has had an eventful journey this past month and is the sweetest boy when he visits, so we have named him the December Patient of the Month!

To commemorate this award, we interviewed Haus’s owner, Delisa, to learn more about Haus’s life!

Haus came into our life in March of 2017 from Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue, a non-profit organization we have gotten our last three boxers from.

Haus is a sweet goofball! He likes to eat bees (see photo below) which has made for some really interesting summer days. Haus and his sister, Daisy, enjoy zooming in our backyard. He also loves eating, long walks, car rides, and chasing squirrels

Haus has been doing GREAT since his last visit! He’s gained back some of his weight and has all his energy back.

This was a scary situation that we went through with Haus, we really thought we were going to lose him, but thanks to everyone at Evolution Veterinary Specialists he is doing so much better!

– Delisa N., Haus’s Owner