We first saw Flanders at the beginning of October when he came into our emergency hospital because he wasn’t walking on his right back leg. After an examination from our Emergency Doctor, she found that he needed a TPLO, which would be his second TPLO in two years. He had his surgery here a few weeks ago and just started rehab here this week. Both Flanders and his owners, Michael and Abbey, have been friendly faces we love to see every time they’re here. Since Flanders has had many visits over the past two months and is wonderful to see every time, we have named him the patient of the month!

To commemorate this award, we interviewed Flanders’ owner, Michael, to learn more about Flanders’ life!

“Flanders came into our life 8 years ago this November. Abbey and I were on different work schedules and thought a pup would be a great addition to our family and someone to keep us company. Little did we know he would be so much more than that for us. He was rescued on a beach in Puerto Rico by the “All Sato Rescue” which partners with foster homes in the Boston area. We met with him and instantly fell in love. His name when we adopted him was “Flannery” which we shortened to Flanders aka Mr. Flanders. 🙂

Flanders is an avid traveler. Being from Puerto Rico he has since traveled from there to Boston, MA then made the move to Nashville, TN then onto Chicago, IL and recently to Lakewood, CO! He loves going on car rides as well as public transportation. He is an avid subway rider and has taken the Subway in Boston and Chicago many times. He is also a big fan of flying, being so well behaved in his travel bag, and always excited whatever the destination is. His next trip is for Thanksgiving to North Carolina!! 

Flanders loves to play with squeak toys and whip them around the house like he is in a wrestling ring with them. He also enjoys sleeping in and cuddling when its cold outside. But, by far his favorite thing to do is play fetch. We were playing ball in the yard when he ruptured his left leg in 2017. He ran for a toss and after he got it, he came limping back, so we like to refer to it as a “sports injury.”

His healing process after his second TPLO has been going well. It’s much better than when his left leg was done because he uses his left leg as support when lifting his leg outside. 🙂 We are now 3 weeks post-surgery and he wants to run and jump even though he’s not supposed to yet. He doesn’t like that we put pillows around the couch when we leave so he can’t jump up.

We are all grateful for the care you have provided Flanders!!”

– Michael Taylor

Stay tuned to see Flanders’ rehab journey and witness the moment he’s able to play fetch again!