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Summer is approaching… Be weary of the CCL tear! Summer is just…

Snake Bite Awareness

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Lola came into our hospital this weekend for evaluation of increased respiratory effort and abdominal swelling. Bloodwork, radiographs and an AFAST at Greenwood Village Veterinary Clinic found that she had tri-cavitary effusion (fluid around the heart, lungs, and abdomen), so she was transferred to our hospital for continued care.


We are so excited to see Thor doing better after being hospitalized for kidney failure. He’s improving every day and is at home with his loved ones again.

Zeus M.

Zeus came into our ER hospital for stabilization and overnight monitoring after he had a seizure. He was very talkative, active, and excited during his stay at our hospital. Right before he went home, he found his blankie and crashed after a long night.

Zeus D.

Zeus came into our ER last night because he decided his mom’s dark chocolate would be a yummy treat!


Nash, a Catahoula leopard dog, came into our ER this weekend because he ate some vinyl siding.