Lola came into our hospital this weekend for evaluation of increased respiratory effort and abdominal swelling. Bloodwork, radiographs and an AFAST at Greenwood Village Veterinary Clinic found that she had tri-cavitary effusion (fluid around the heart, lungs, and abdomen), so she was transferred to our hospital for continued care. After being placed in oxygen and getting examined by our ER doctor, an echocardiogram by our cardiologist determined that she has a rare condition called constrictive pericarditis (chronic inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart) and that the fluid was coming from the heart. A pericardiocentesis and a thoracocentesis were completed to remove fluid from the pericardium (membrane around the heart) and the pleural space (lung cavity). A sample of fluid from each cavity was submitted for analysis to attempt to diagnose the underlying cause for Lola’s case of pericarditis. She recovered well overnight and her respiratory effort stabilized, so she was able to go home the next day!