Dr. Lake-Bakaar and the team at EVS is conducting a clinical study on diuretics and Chance is our first participant! He came into our hospital yesterday for increased coughing and respiratory effort. Our ER Doctor found that his mild heart murmur had worsened, and he was diagnosed with mitral regurgitation a condition that affects heart valve and congestive heart failure (fluid buildup in the lungs).


Update on Rambo, a patient who has a history of severe mitral regurgitation, congestive heart failure and azotemia. He was hospitalized almost one month ago for difficulty breathing and severe coughing.


Riley came into our hospital last week after being diagnosed with pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart) at Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital. An echocardiogram did not reveal an obvious mass on the right atrium, so the cause of the pericardial effusion is unknown, even after further bloodwork. Our cardiologist treated the pericardial effusion and sent him home to be monitored closely.


Rambo came in yesterday for severe coughing and difficulty breathing, which is a common sign of congestive heart failure. After spending some time in the oxygen cage with Mr. Zebra and a change in medications, he was on his way home.