Team member Trudy

Zoological Companion Animal RVT III

Trudy, a Minnesota native, moved to Colorado in 2014 and studied Environment & Sustainability at Western Colorado University. She has worn a few different career hats, including doing guided horseback rides in Crested Butte, but settled on veterinary medicine in 2015 and has mostly worked in the ER department. Since joining our ZCA team, she loves getting to see, learn about, and treat so many unique animal species. She also loves to work on abscesses. She loves to hike 14ers and at home she has quite a menagerie of pets, including Sally – a 13 year old chihuahua, Cedric Doggery – a 3 year old chihuahua, Luna – an 11 year old calico cat, Gemini – an 11 year old tuxedo cat, William Fredrick – a leopard gecko, and Gail – another leopard gecko!