4 Reasons Why You Should Not Feed Your Dog Table Scraps

You know that weakness you feel when you’re eating and your dog looks at you with those eyes—it is so hard not to share your meal with them. But those adorable, irresistible, “feed me”, puppy-dog eyes can get them into trouble and break your bank account with one innocent snack. There are many reasons why dogs should not eat the same foods as humans. Plus, every dog is different. Some may have a stomach of steel, while others vomit after just one bite of scraps.

In Memory of Thea

This month we want to remember Thea who passed away suddenly from dilated cardiomyopathy, most likely caused by a grain free diet. Thea, who would’ve turned 4 years old last week, was a ball of energy and excitement who was obsessed with playing fetch, snuggling her brother, Max, and dressing up for holiday photo shoots.