Communicating with Pet Owners During a Pandemic

Let’s be honest—the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on all of us. From craving human contact to heightened emotional interactions, the pandemic has brought out the best and worst in many of us. When dealing with pets in distress and the owners who love them, emotional interactions become even more frequent. During this time of stress, isolation, and fear, clear and compassionate communication with pet owners is a must, particularly at an emergency vet clinic.

Repetition and Clarity

From takeout restaurants to doctor visits, the spiel is often the same—wear a mask, call when you arrive, and maintain 6-foot social distancing. Because of the repetitive nature of these COVID protocols, it’s easy for providers to skip steps when giving instructions, as well as for listeners to tune out. But because the specifics vary from one location to another, it is absolutely necessary for those of us working at vet clinics to provide clear instructions to every client and to repeat these steps along the way. This ensures that we are doing our best to keep our clients, as well as our staff, safe at our emergency vet hospital.


Because our emergency vet requires that clients wait in their vehicles while we are tending to their pet inside the clinic, it is so important that we continually reassure our clients that we are giving the best care possible to their furbaby. Our communication with pet owners should not only reassure them that we are doing our best to keep them safe during the pandemic, but also that we are tending to their pet with the same standard of care that we would give our own furry family members. 

Compassion and Empathy

We all adore our pets, and we know that it can be scary to leave your pet inside an unfamiliar place to be seen by unfamiliar faces. As providers at an emergency vet hospital, we need to don our sympathy hats and understand the point of view of the client, displaying compassion and empathy no matter the situation. Not only do we care for our pet patients, but we also care for our human clients. The COVID pandemic has been scary enough, and the least we can do is ensure pet owners that we sympathize with their situation and are doing everything we can to give them and their pet the best care possible.


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