Snake Bite Awareness

Signs to look for and what do if you encounter a snake…

What Happens if Your Pet Sitter Needs to Take Your Pet to the ER

If you are planning to travel and leave your pet behind with a pet sitter, be sure they are left with clear instructions for emergency situations. All too often do we get calls from pet sitters in a panic. Whether it was the pet sitter’s fault or not, you are responsible for making sure they get your pet the veterinary attention it needs.

The Top 5 Cases We See At Our ER Hospital

Our veterinary emergency hospital sees many interesting and heartbreaking cases. We see animals who come in unconscious and non-responsive and animals who simply have an ear infection. Our doctors are super quick on their feet and are ready for any emergency.

Does Your Dog Need to Go to the ER After a Dog Fight?

One of your worst fears as a dog owner is that your dog will be hurt by another dog. It is so hard to trust other people’s dogs, and, sometimes, even your own. Reactive dogs can show very subtle behavioral signs of aggression, and an unexpected fight could break out in seconds. The best thing you can do for your dog is to go on trusted playdates and avoid the dog park, but accidents can even happen at home!