Breakaway Collars for Cats

Whether your feline friends are indoor, outdoor, or a combination of the two, at least one form of permanent identification is imperative for their safety. Forms of permanent identification include microchips, which can be scanned at your local animal shelter or veterinary hospital and linked to your contact information. In addition to these permanent forms of identification, collars with tags containing your contact information can be essential to ensuring a safe and speedy return in the event that your cat gets lost outside of your home. 

When it comes to collars for cats, it may seem counterproductive to have a collar that will break off if it becomes hooked on a bush, fence, or even household items like window blind cordage. You may be tempted to think, What’s the point of having a collar if it’s just going to fall off

However, they do not fall off easily; rather, they will break apart at the clip when enough force is applied to pull the collar apart. This ensures that, should your kitty’s collar become snagged on something, they will not choke or suffer a serious injury to their neck, which would warrant an immediate visit to your local emergency veterinarian.

The fact that breakaway collars for cats do come off when enough force is applied means that having a permanent form of identification is especially important, even for indoor-only cats. Collars bring attention to any cats wandering around outside, letting others know that the cat is not a stray and should potentially be retrieved and returned home. 

Meanwhile, microchips ensure that a retrieved cat can be linked back to their family, whether there is a collar or not. Along with permanent identification, breakaway collars are ideal for cats because they provide a form of visible identification and can also prevent a tragedy or a trip to the emergency vet.