Ordering Pet Prescriptions Online

In this day and age, ordering online is the norm. From toys to crates to prescriptions, pet parents can have any of it delivered to their doorstep. There are plenty of safe pet pharmacies online, such as ours (see the top right-hand corner button). However, many discount pet prescription sites are known for untrustworthy practices. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when ordering drugs for your pets online:

Environmental Factors: Reliable online pet pharmacies use a temperature-controlled warehouse to store prescriptions that you order online, including prescription diets. Many online pet pharmacies store drugs in very hot or very cold environments, rendering the drug ineffective, as the active ingredients can easily be destroyed this way. 

Legal Factors: Some discount online pet pharmacies will sell fraudulent drugs and do not require veterinary approval to dispense them to your home. This is illegal and could be very dangerous for your pet. Instead of paying a cheap price for drugs, you will be paying a huge emergency vet bill if the drugs aren’t what they claim to be. Instead, look for sites that are Vet-VIPPS accredited and don’t put your pet’s life at risk. 

Health Factors: According to most states’ practice laws, a pet must have an up-to-date exam to get a prescription from your vet, just like you would from your human doctor. It is important that a veterinarian choose the correct medication and dose for your pet based on their medical needs and that they take necessary precautions to ensure a medication is safe for your pet. There is the potential to cause serious harm to your pet if the appropriate precautions aren’t taken prior to medicating. Examples of harmful situations include giving heartworm preventative to a pet with an active heartworm infection or giving NSAIDs to a patient with pre-existing liver or kidney damage. These conditions could lead to serious illness or even death, but appropriate testing can be performed by your veterinarian to avoid harm. If a site claims to sell heartworm preventatives, NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), or any other drugs without a prescription, your pet’s health could be at risk.

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