Dr. Matthew O’Donnell

Team member Dr. Matthew O’Donnell

DVM, DACVS-SA * Board Certified Surgeon

Dr. Matt O’Donnell is our distinguished veterinary surgeon with six years of board-certified experience behind him. After ambitiously completing his medical studies at UC Davis and graduating with honors, Dr. O’Donnell accomplished a surgical residency and passed his boards immediately after (also at UC Davis). He has performed highly skilled, complex operations in a variety of expertise areas; including general surgery, subcutaneous ureteral bypass, oncologic surgery, TPLO, fracture repair, and other orthopedic surgeries, and minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and thoracoscopy). He is also the published author of multiple written works within the veterinary surgery industry. Dr. O’Donnell is prepared to give your pet qualified, comprehensive care with a well-rounded education and a growing portfolio of unique patient cases. Call us today to schedule an appointment!