Financial Resources

One option for clients to try is to apply for a loan through ScratchPay. The application is very quick and minimally requires a soft credit check. Once you are approved for a loan, you use their platform to set custom payment terms. There is no deposit, they offer interest-free plans, however, the first payment is due upon initiating the loan.

We also take CareCredit as payment. This is a card designed to help you pay for medical expenses like human dental care, which includes vet care! The application process is fairly quick and there is no annual fee for the card. You will have payoff options, promotional rates, and choose a plan to start in order to pay for your pet’s vet care. 

Vet Care Grants: 

Disclaimer: A client must be approved by a payment option before services are rendered. There is no guarantee that a grant or payment plan will be approved. A grant may be a good option for a planned procedure, but often not for an urgent case.