Congratulations Michael Lake-Bakaar – Top 5 Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2023

Have you checked out this interview with our CEO, Michael Lake Bakaar, in the December issue of MagnateView? If you haven’t had the time to read it yet, here’s a recap!

Micahel goes in-depth on the journey that he took to help get Evolution where it is today. He talks about perseverance and digging into the grit when tough situations come up. Despite the obstacles that jumped in the way, one of the things that he, (and Dr. Lake Bakaar), remained firm on is the dedication to creating an industrious, positive, and forward-moving environment for not only staff and our furry friends, but the veterinary industry as a whole. He took the time to speak on the basis of everything they’ve created saying, “This has been a collective effort. We’re tied together because of our foundational shared love for the animals and the community we care for.”

What’s next for Michael, Evolution, and all of us? Though the growth has already been exceptional, Michael stated that he has no interest in complacency for himself or for Evolution. He has high hopes for the future and the growth within this industry and maybe some others as well; “The sky’s the limit and we intend to fly.”

If you find yourself with a spare five minutes, take some time to read the rest of the interview!