Our Story

Where Family Matters

From the start, our founders, Geri and Michael Lake-Bakaar, wanted to create a different kind of veterinary hospital. Geri, a fellowship-trained veterinarian, had experiences at corporate-owned vet hospitals early in her career. Instead of focusing on profit, she and her business-minded husband saw an opportunity to shift the priority to the pet and owner, and bring back a much-needed level of respect for pets and owners. At Evolution, appointments take as long as they take. Treatment plans are made crystal clear, and questions are always welcomed. Owners are never subjected to upselling. And both pets and humans are treated as family.

Evolution’s independent structure also allows for either Geri or Michael to be on-site daily, leading the team, and responding to client needs quickly and directly. In this way, Evolution’s mission to improve the lives of their patients and the people who love them is nurtured each day.